Catch Up Or Capitalize World Cup Final Santander

On the second day of World Cup race, Santander was baked in sunshine as the sailors on the opening day looked either to capitalize or play catch up after the slow beginning.

The conditions on the course were almost perfect for the 260 sailors of 41 nations, who were racing across the Open Kiteboarding and ten Olympic fleets. There was no cloud in the sky and the breeze of 11-15 knots were coming from the northeast direction enabled a full on day of racing.

Sailors who started slow on 6th of June used the favorable climate of the day to correct any mistakes that they did and tried to climb the leader board. Meanwhile, the overnight leaders looked to keep their focus and maintain hold of the top spots.

Philipp Buhl of Germany was all full of smiles after the race in which he followed a consistent performance in the One Person Dinghy race of Men category Laser.

Buhl bagged a third and a fifth position to move up and reach to the third place and completely in contention. After racing he de-rigged his Laser as he was in a buoyant mood, he commented “The day was really nice.” The result I got in the race was good and all the conditions were perfect.” He further added with a big smile and said, I can’t remember the time when I have this smile on my face last.  Lots of waves and shine made both my day and the race a perfect one”.

Santander’s Laser fleet is full of leading competitors. Some of them were Nick Thompson (GBR) the Two-time World Champion, Tonci Stipanovic (CRO) Olympic medalists and Pavlos Kontides (CYP) are just two of the leading lights. And this added the adventure in the event.