2016 OCC Award Recipients Announced

The Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) recognizes the sailors that have outstanding achievements in blue water sailing and brings their talent in front of the sailing community.

Commodore Anne Hammick noted, “Long-distance cruising, high-latitude passages and circumnavigations are increasing these days. And because of the increase in these voyages, the single voyage is getting unnoticed. Our members love sailing and winning awards is not their objective. Still, the OCC recognizes sailor with outstanding achievement in our membership as well and also in the wider sailing community.”

OCC Awards Chairman Sub-Committee, Jenny Crickmore-Thompson, made the announcement, “I am really pleased to announce the name of the winners of the OCC Awards for the year 2016. The winners this year include a crew and not a single sailor. A crew who exhibited an extraordinary act of bravery and seamanship and also those who support cruising on blue water.”

OCC Seamanship Award
The OCC Seamanship Award was given to Gavin Reid, who won a week’s Yacht Charter in Split. He was the crew of Mission Performance and the skipper during the 2015-2016 when Clipper Round the World Race (CRWR) took place. Reid got this award because of the extraordinary courage he showed by responding to a distress call, in difficult conditions he remain firm, climbing the mast, and swimming to M3 etc.

OCC Award of Merit
Victor Wejer got the OCC Award of Merit. The award was given for Wejer’s outstanding and unselfish service, his advice to Arctic sailors of international, and his yacht sailing remote support sailing the Northwest Passage. The award is open to both the members and the non members. Both the sailors who have received award are great at their skills and possess a high level of professionalism when it comes to sailing. Both sailors are world famous and known for their outstanding performances.